There is a saying that when a bell rings another angel earns her wings.  Last week a delightful, warm, and wonderful woman was called home.

Almost 40 years ago, Margaret Hyde took an unformed, shy, and reticent girl of 8 and taught me how to play the piano. I remember hours of practices, lessons, writing reports about the masters, theory, and sight reading.  She took my untrained fingers and made magic happen.  After several years of lessons, she sent me on to learn from another teacher, but I never forgot her gentle words to sit up straight and curl my fingers.  Her humor, kindness, and patience forged a friendship and love that bonded us together.  For many years she and I performed in choirs together and other special musical numbers.  Even years later when mom and I came to Yuma for a visit, Margaret dragged us up to sing with the choir.

I always felt welcome in the Hyde home. Many happy days were spent pounding away at their piano, laughing and splashing in their backyard, and hours of giggling with Dianne in her bedroom.  This happy home cemented in my heart a model to pattern my own home and family.  They accepted me and my family into their home and their hearts.

I remember how grateful I felt when their red Volkswagen van came puttering up the road to pick us up for church, or picnics, or other activities.  Cheerful greetings always welcomed us aboard.  We were always so thankful we didn’t have to walk in the dusty Yuma heat.

Margaret was there when I was sealed in the temple to my eternal companion. She stepped in when my mom could not be there with me.  She helped me adjust my white clothing and guide me.  I remember her words of love as she told me she loved me and how grateful she was to share this special day with me.

I am so thankful for the Margarets, Bettys, and LaVons of my childhood who showed me different ways to mother and raise a family, who welcomed me into their homes. I learned how to honor the priesthood, create a spirit of love and reverence, and gently reprimand and guide my children.  I am thankful for Bill and his patience and dry wit, his humor and endless love for his family.  I am thankful for Alan, Dianne, and Scott who became siblings for me and Eric.

My future will forever be tied to the Hyde family and their love for me.