I too have experienced one of His hugs and I will never be the same.


People have wondered why I do what I do—and why I don’t do what I don’t do.

A wise man has recently said that an opinion can never compare with an experience.

I had an experience.

Just like I can feel the warm sun heat up my skin right through to my bones in my Arizona summer desert, I had an experience every bit that real as a teenager, and it has influenced every decision every moment of my life.

I Was Well-Hugged

I grew up a well-hugged child.  When I felt happy, my mother hugged me.  When I felt sad, my mother hugged me.  I always knew I would find love, safety and peace wrapped tightly in my mother’s arms, safe in the cavity of her hug.

When I was 14, I went to music camp at BYU.  I took the 12 hour drive with friends, and then found myself…

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