My family moves a lot. We have made 13 moves in 26 years. Needless to say, we have family and friends spread all over the United States and parts of the world. I want to share some fun ideas.

This first idea comes from a friend who recently moved to China with her family.


As you can see, they have made a clock wall to help stay in touch with family around the world. I get many great ideas from Paula.  She is a special friend.  This idea is cute and easy, she said the hardest part was finding inexpensive matching clocks.  I know when Sissy was in Germany over Christmas, I could never remember the time difference. I kept texting her at 3am.


I found this cute beach sand idea on Facebook. What fun way to preserve memories.

This last idea is something I have always wanted to make for my yard.


I found this picture on Pintrest but you get the idea. Someday soon I hope to create my own customized sign from old barn wood and pallets. As the kids head off in different directions, it will help me keep them close.  In the meantime, we just keep creating memories.