What do I do when construction gets rained out? I get crafty.


The site is flooded. Because we are building in a pasture, every time it rains the ground turns to marsh. This is not good for delivery trucks, semi trucks, or even my truck. So… the garage is on hold for another week. This puts the appliances on hold for another week. All plans to store building materials are on hold and the kitchen is full of Sheetrock.

Thus, Patti gets crafty. I have a stack of projects waiting for my attention. When we moved into our house last year, I found fabric at Walmart that just made me happy. I decided it would be the inspiration for decorating our home. I bought out entire bolts from three area Walmarts. Side note, when you live over 60 miles from the nearest fabric store, Walmart becomes your lifeline. Plus I love the new fabric lines at Walmart. Thank you “powers that be” for reversing the decision to remove fabric from area¬†Walmart stores. This fabric is from the Kentshire Home Collection. It washes like a dream, no ironing needed, and bonus (insert drumroll), stain release!! I washed yards of fabric and carefully folded it, sewed one curtain panel and then nothing—for 6 months, until yesterday.

I was home alone waiting for phone calls that didn’t come. Rain pounded on the roof while puddles turned into flowing steams of topsoil. I looked at all of that fabric and—tada


Now, I have curtains. Yes, they make me happy. I even have enough fabric to sew a curtain for the kitchen and maybe recover some throw pillows. Well, no rush, I’m sure there will be another rainy day.