The months of flood…

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By the end of July, we were finally ready to begin the groundwork.  Because we are building in a pasture, where the ground slopes down to a pond, we needed a lot of dirt to level the pad.

I was fortunate at this point in the process to work with a construction company.  This gave me a huge advantage as I had no idea where to start.  It also saved me a lot of time because I didn’t have to find and set up the contractors. The coordinator at the construction company was able to guide me through the process of getting the necessary permits, tests, and lists of local businesses to get me started.  I already had the tests performed for the septic tank.  The water meter and water line had been installed.  Finally, the materials for the building were delivered.  We had several funny moments and a few nail biting close calls.  Getting the semi delivering the building materials through the narrow gate took quite a while and some fancy driving skills.  Then, in the middle of offloading, our tractor died.  One of the contractors, upon seeing the problem, jumped into his personal backhoe and finished the job.  Another time, Mr. Wonderful had to pick up another load of dirt, unfortunately, due to an unbalanced load, we couldn’t get the dirt to dump out.  Tons of dirt later, we had a pad!

Just a side note, it is now November and we still don’t have the garage that was ordered at the same time as the building.

Next post….hiring the contractors.