After two days of rain, the building site is water logged. I got the truck stuck deep into the mud. Mr. Wonderful came and rescued me in his big orange tractor, my hero. Due to site conditions, I opted to reschedule the delivery date of the garage, again.  It is so frustrating. This has also resulted in delaying delivery of the kitchen appliances. They may end up in my garage.

This experience has taught me the importance of being flexible.

All this rain is a big reminder of the flooding we had in May/June.  So far there isn’t too much damage. We have several sinking spots where plumbing pipes were placed and the septic tank area has sunk. I did notice some gutter work that needs to be fixed.

Overall, the site has no signs of major flooding. This is our first heavy rain and we learned where we need to pour gravel. Thank goodness for no major leaks or breaches–and for a tractor, four wheel drive, and a winch!