I’m sitting here waiting for Lil Missy to get in to her doctor’s appointment.  We drove two hours to get here. Due to insurance restrictions and costs, we cannot change to a doctor in our area.

I am enjoying this rainy day. We haven’t really had rain here since June. Needless to say the ponds are dry and the plants in the garden are now crispy.  So grateful for the rain.  Of course, I am not sure how this will affect the garage that is supposed to be delivered on Monday. This is the same garage we have been waiting for since July.

So I am sitting here 45 minutes early for the appointment counting my blessings. 1 beautiful rainy day/ weekend, 2 new little kittens I spied this morning hiding under the bushes, 3 big, fat, red tomatoes sitting on my counter, 4 brand new tires on my car, 5 amazing, adored children, 6 new books waiting to be read on my Kindle, 7 peeping chicks pecking in the yard, 8 hours of sleep last night, 9 more minutes until the banana bread is finished baking, 10 minutes of extra snuggle time with my husband this morning-I am blessed in so many ways.image