This is the lot before construction.  This is on the edge of our property. We chose the location because it is close to the road and it already had a power pole. It also has a lovely view of our neighbor’s pasture where his horses graze. Plus it gives my parents a bit of privacy. They will be close but they have their own space.  Hopefully, the roosters won’t keep them awake crowing at the crack of dawn.

We started this process in January. My parents found a steel building manufacturer and ordered their building and a single car garage.

Please note: we recommend that anyone wanting a steel building should choose a local company and research the process. We wished that we had shopped around and asked more questions before we signed the dotted line.

it took several months to find an architect and for my parents to decide exactly what they wanted and needed. We probably did this backwards. We should have drawn up the plans and then purchased the building. My parents are also doing this long distance as they do not live in the area.

By April we were ready to start building. Yes I realize that took us four months but this is an important decision and should be carefully considered.  And then it began to rain. It rained and then it flooded!  Tornados came through the area.  All building plans were put on hold through the months of May and June.

To be continued…