I fully intended to write about the house I am building for my parents, but I got distracted by a book I was reading.  I have a reading addiction problem and it is growing.  I have two books on my nightstand waiting to be read, 2 magazines in the bathroom, 8 books on my tablet, and 3 on my phone.  Then tonight, just as I finished one book, my daughter, Lil Missy, walks in and hands me Life And Death, Twilight Reimagined, by Stephenie Meyer.  Note:  I try to read what my kids are reading.  Sometimes to preview questionable content and often to be knowledgeable enough to discuss sensitive topics, if necessary.  Plus, juvenile fiction is one of my passions.

Anyway, I am having a hard time keeping up with my list of books to read.  A few months ago I made a promise to myself and some favorite authors that I would leave reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.  It seems like the least I can do to support their hard work and my appreciation.  The following are the books I read today:


I finished this book today while walking on the treadmill this morning.  Jennifer Peel has quickly become one of my favorite authors.  I love how thoroughly she explores emotions and relationships but doesn’t just skip to the “happily ever after.”  I loved this book and it is on sale now for .99 on Amazon.  3 hankie warning on this one.

I won this book in a drawing on the Inspy romance blog, thank you Merrillee!  I read it today during my son’s football practice.  I like to keep a book on my phone for when I am waiting for an appointment or to pick up a child from practice.  This was a quick read but I really enjoyed it.  I felt connected to the characters and was rooting for a happy ending.


This books is free on Amazon.  Pioneer and especially homesteader books are fascinating to me because my grandmother was raised on a homestead in Western Canada.  This sweet book has endearing characters and a feisty heroine.  I really love a feisty heroine!

Now back to dusting my ceiling fans….oh and mudding and taping sheetrock.