I honor of this inauspicious holiday, I am going to write about my farm.  First, it is a quiet, peaceful, and beautiful 20 acres of Oklahoma prairie.  When I first came to this area, it reminded me of home.  I was raised in southern Arizona cattle country.  My grandparents had a small ranch where I was up on a horse almost as soon as I could walk.  My parents owned a pet store.  I have years of experience with animals and cleaning cages.


We have a menagerie of animals including: 1dog, 4 cats and possibly kittens, again, 3 cows, 4 rabbits, and about 20 chickens, including 7 chicks.

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I do have a funny story about the chickens.  A few weeks ago, I was giving them grief because they weren’t laying eggs.  Or at least, I couldn’t find their eggs.  So I told them to start earning their keep or I was cooking them for dinner.  Not two days later as I walked through the gate, I spotted a little chick.  He was quickly followed by 4 more and the proud mama.  I should have been looking in the dog house but that’s another story.  I was ashamed and I did apologize to the flock.  Though I did gather a group into the coop.  I still need eggs you know.


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